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Racking & Shelving Systems

Pallet Racking System

Commonly known as adjustable pallet racking, this is the perhaps the most popular and economical form of pallet racking providing safe 100% selective storage up to 14 meters in height, fully utilized valuable air space.

Interlock Pallet Racking can be designed to meet virtually any pallet size or weight and can be used in conjunction with all types of lift trucks. A wide range of accessories is available to accommodate non-standard loads.



  1. Good stock rotation
  2. Good order picking; 100% selectivity
  3. Good product protection
  4. Low floor area utilization – 30% net pallet area usage of overall warehouse area
  5. Limited pallet redundancy as the system can run at 95% capacity, with a competent Warehouse Management System (WMS)



Drive-in Drive-through Racking System

Drive-In Pallet Racking provide maximum storage capacity using the minimum amount of space. It is particularly suited to store very large quantities of homogeneous products.
Drive-In or Double Access Systems consist of continuous lanes of racking with only a single load and retrieval aisle. Loading and unloading is undertaken by means of counter balance or reach trucks that drive down each lane into the racks.



  1. Operates on the basis of First-In Last-Out (FILO)
  2. Store very large quantities of homogeneous products.
  3. Good product protection.
  4. 60% net pallet area usage of overall warehouse area.
  5. Pallet redundancy can run as high as 30% if a wide range of different products are stored.



Very Narrow Aisle (V.N.A) Pallet Racking

Interlock Pallet racking systems are designed to meet the new generation of warehouses, designed around the operating tolerances of VNA equipment with aisles marginally wider than the load. Such structures must have a high level of rigidity & accurate manufacturing toleranceVery narrow aisle otherwise known as VNA, is the use of selective pallet racking in a tighter configuration to provide maximum space utilization within a storage facility. These systems typically operate in conjunction with wire-guided or rail-guided reach-truck systems. A wire-guided system consists of a wire embedded in the concrete floor that provides tracking for the reach-truck. A rail-guided system consists of angle iron bolted to the floor down the length of each row. Typically, the angle iron is 4” by 3” and ¼” – ⅜” inches thick.

A distinct advantage of a narrow aisle pallet racking is fast picking without large aisles which results in improved use of space. When there is limited space, a compact storage method is ideal. Fully adjustable system flexibility and space saving aisles can be manipulated as one to give the greatest amount of pallet storage locations.

The final choice depends on a number of factors – size of installation, throughout, order picking requirements, size & weight of loads, capital available etc.



  • Good stock rotation
  • Good order picking; 100% selectivity
  • Fast picking rate
  • 50% net pallet area usage of overall warehouse area
  • Limited pallet redundancy as system can run at 95%+ capacity
  • Uses guide rails or wire guidance for fast movement in aisle



Cantilever Pallet Racking

Cantilever racks with its versatility offer maximum support, strength and capacity for storing lumber and other long, flat items with ease. It is found in daily use in all sectors of industry.

Robust design, high stability. The uprights and feet are made from hot rolled IPE profile and are bolted together to form a rigid cantilever frame. Large footplates ensure even distribution of the load to the floor.



  • Arms are adjustable every 100 mm.
  • Bolted cantilever arms
  • Simple assembly with few components
  • Applications range from manual to automatic operation, stationary or mobile racks
  • Racks can be installed indoors & outdoors as required
  • Load capacity up to 14,000 kg per upright side based on evenly spaced cantilever arms



Two Tier Heavy Duty Racking

Working on the principles of “parts to the picker”, the Live Storage system provides excellent volume utilization on First-in First-Out (FIFO) principle.

Speed reduction units control the speed of pallets, and prevent line build up and pressure, automatic offload separation gates and entry guides ensure ease of operation. As each lane can be used to store different commodities, more picking faces are available than with Drive-In.



  • FIFO principle
  • Saves up to 60% space in comparison to conventional pallet racks
  • Increases productivity by separating feeding & order picking
  • Solution for non-stack-able pallets
  • Suitable as buffer storage
  • Easy to adjust
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Can withstand heavy load



Mezzanine Racking

Rack supported mezzanine floors can be surfaced in timber or mesh. Access to mezzanine platform is via a steel staircase.

Smart Solutions Kuwait Rack Supported Mezzanine Floors are designed to utilize new or existing pallet racking, providing a way to double or triple your storage, at a much more affordable price.

Mezzanines allow you to change empty overhead space into usable storage areas, depending on the size of your facility, mezzanine or raised storage platform structures can be one, two or more levels high. These storage solutions allow you to leverage potential storage space in your existing facility without having to pay for expensive relocation or reconstruction costs. Whether you’re looking to increase your bulk floor storage, shelving or carton flow pick systems – mezzanines are a cost effective option for increasing your existing storage space.

Supported Mezzanines can be integrated into existing racking and shelving systems and are designed with stability and versatility in mind.

These Mezzanines are customized to fit your exact area, height, color & load requirements. Create new production, office, storage or assemble space, locker rooms, parts departments, stockrooms, cafeterias, company records storage, work platforms, distribution centers and more. Mezzanines are professionally engineered and designed to meet all building codes.



Long Span Racking/Shelving System

Long span Shelving is the perfect solution no matter what you need to store from small components to heavy cartons. Smart Solutions Kuwait provides Long span Shelving which is  fast and easy to assemble, and uses a modular design with bolted frames & knock down beams which require no special tools, giving you maximum storage in minutes whatever your available space is.

Long span Shelving offers you virtually unlimited opportunities to expand your storage capacity, giving you higher density storage and greater flexibility no matter what you are storing. Long, uninterrupted spans of up to 3000 mm. also make our Long span shelves ideal for a wide range of big and bulky items. Shelves are easily adjusted to your needs as stock patterns change. All components comply with Australian, European and American guidelines for safe storage.



Material Handling Equipment

Fully automated warehouse and materials management system allows for accurate and timely inventory information. It integrates the processes relating to receiving & stocking in. The pallet storage system is based on the transfer of pallets via pallet conveyors and transfer carriages to the pallet racking serviced by Storage and Retrieval Machines.

The pallet racking storage system is designed specifically for use with automated storage systems serviced by SR machine. The racks are installed to the stringent standards of Federation of European Manufacturers (FEM). Whether it is cars, potato chips, pallets of chemicals, nuts & bolts, leather goods or paper rolls, the system can be designed to suit any types of products. 

High quality materials and reliable corrosion protection ensure that the steel construction has a virtually unlimited service life. Our modern and specially developed anchoring systems reduce the amount of work required to set up the base plate to a minimum. The specific design of the racking system and the almost complete absence of welded connections reduce deformations and additional tensions in the steel racking construction. This means that the narrowest of tolerances are met and the overall performance of the system increases.



Slotted Angle Shelving

Smart Solutions Kuwait has Slotted Angle has been designed to meet all storage needs industry, workshops, warehouses, shops, etc. This shelving system covers all criteria, from long term planned requirements to the most urgent demands where a rapid turn around is necessary. The loading capacity varies from light to heavy duty.

Our Slotted Angle shelving can be achieved with ease allowing the system to be extended in width and height. This feature together with its easy installation (requiring no special tools); makes our system ideal for manual warehousing. The system can be further extended by adding decking or gangways accessed by reassembled staircases to meet the growing and changing needs of the business.



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