6 Passionate Movie Views… But With Cats

What is actually much better than enjoying an intimate film? You guessed it – viewing a romantic flick with kitties with it!

We have now used six passionate movie scenes and made all of them better with the help of our feline buddies. As long as they understand what’s good-for them, the directors of this originals will cat battle their method to the legal rights of those purrfect flicks.

6. Brokeback Mountain

“Similar To ‘Brokecat Meowtain.'”

Brokeback Mountaintexas dating serviceadvice.com/images/uploads/2014/07/06_Brokeback_Mountain_xxxx.jpg?width=540&height=346″ style=”display: block;” title=”Brokeback Mountain” width=”540″/>

The love between these pussy kitties practically radiates off the display screen contained in this “tail” of fur-bidden (and flea-bitten) really love.

5. Prefer Actually

“A Lot More Like ‘Love Catually.'”

Love Actually

This film will bat at your heartstrings like a cat with yarn – it isn’t designed for kitties!

4. Dirty Dancing

“A Lot More Like ‘Kitty Dancing.'”

Dirty Dancing

Even with thirty years, you will still mewl with this classic “tail” – no person places kid for the cat carrier!

3. Juno

“More like ‘Mewno'”


Will this litter modification Mewno’s existence? You’ll need to discover the truth when “THUNDERCATS tend to be GO!”

2. Romeo and Juliet

“a lot more like ‘Romeow and Mewliet'”

Romeo and Juliet

Two youthful kitties – a Cat-pulet and a Meow-tague – find a purrfect love before tragedy attacks.

1. State Anything

“More like ‘Purr Such A Thing'”

Say Anything

You simply can’t assist but enjoy this precious melodra-mew about discovering fur-st really love.

Can love get any cuter? You simply won’t be able to whisk-er eyes off these motion pictures – let-alone “paws” them. We give them two dewclaws up!